Cash Management Solutions 

We know cash flow is perhaps the most important barometer of the health of your business. Fortunately, we have the expertise to develop a customized cash management tool just for your business.  It includes:

  • Daily Activity Summary Report — See your receipts and disbursements on a daily basis, both in the recent past and months into the future. See your cash flow “pinch points” long before there is a problem, so you can take action to avert it.
  • Outstanding Checks — Don’t be surprised by forgotten checks or ACH payments clearing. The tool includes all outstanding disbursements (in your accounting system).   This helps to significantly reduce the likelihood of ovedrafts.
  • Forecasting Pages — The power of our tool is the ability to provide our clients with a daily cash forecast. Traditional cash flow forecasting is important, but doesn’t get to the level of the day-to-day, where most small business owners live. We include pages for payroll, traditional bill payments, automated payments, loans, owner distributions , etc.
  • Consistent Updates — We update the reporting on a weekly basis and send it directly to you or, if you prefer to have updated information daily, we can create the overall tool and train someone in your office to maintain it.

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