A Decade And Beyond

Updated: Jan 25

10 years ago my wife and I prayerfully decided to start UCentric Solutions, LLC. This decade milestone wasn’t celebrated with a huge party and cake, but rather in quiet moments of reflection appreciating the journey we’ve shared together and God’s direction throughout. It also stirred a desire to build upon this foundation into a direction of new adventure and growth in our purpose. And I am excited to share we have added a new service specifically for churches, Church Solutions!

Why church?

I grew up the child of a pastor; the last of three. My father was in full-time ministry for 36 years, and it wasn’t until we were grown he shared with us the difficulty of handling several aspects of the ministry. Primarily, these were the administrative and financial aspects of the church; things he was just expected to “know” within his title of “Pastor.” He felt ill-equipped or certainly not trained within his formal pastoral education. Managing these two areas are a very real part of church life and become even more complicated as technology and culture have changed. As humbling as it was, he asked his kids to help. Walking through this experience with my dad created some questions for me. “Do other pastors navigate these things?” “Do other pastors feel this heavy burden?” These were loose puzzle pieces tucked away for a time.

Six years ago I had the opportunity to work with Craig Hinca,the Executive Pastor in a large Foursquare church working through a denominational reporting system change, which required a significant reorganization in the accounting set-up and reporting. Eventually, we also worked together through a significant leadership transition in the church, as well. It's been a fascinating journey, revealing a consistency in these same needs within churches, regardless of their size which are strikingly similar to what exist for businesses. I had a better understanding of how we could help churches. Several more pieces of the puzzle came together. “How could we help other pastors and churches navigate these things?”

Recently, Craig began transitioning out of his administrative role at the church and communicated an idea he was looking into pursuing. He wanted to help other pastors and churches as (what I would call) a “fractional executive pastor.” In essence, applying his 23 years of creativity, administrative experience and team-building to support pastors of churches in solving their administrative headaches on a part-time or project-by-project basis. This idea is strikingly similar to our virtual accounting and advisory services. For me, it was the final few pieces of a years-long puzzle fitted together to form a crystal clear path to our future. By adding Craig’s rich church-specific experience and skill-set to our organization, we could finally provide a complete administrative and financial support structure specifically designed to be a valuable resource for pastors and churches.

At UCentric Solutions LLC, we’ve always had the priority of providing solutions tailor-fit to our client’s specific needs and situations. We can now apply this concept to pastors and churches. We can help pastors move forward in areas that are sometimes difficult to manage with or without staff. Our value is threefold:

1. We relieve pastors of the details of church accounting. They can rely on a calm, highly-skilled team-based accounting and advisory experience specific to their needs.

2. We offer administrative support for pastors , as well. So much has changed in 5 years! Whether it be online giving, social media, communication or databases we help pastors address these challenges.

3. We provide these services virtually. We offer the same connection, service and experience regardless of your location!

If you’ve taken the time to read this through, let me first say, “Thank you”. As a Christ-follower, reflecting on the past 10 years has been a faith-enriching journey; how accutely I see God’s hand at work, leading, guiding, and yes, disciplining at times. And now, I clearly feel His release on the work we’re starting through Church Solutions and so excited to see how He will lead us the next 10 years!

Humbly yours,


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