Am I Wearing Everyone Out?

The number of changes for the local church in the midst of the response to Covid-19 has many leaders and their support staff in a place of fatigue from adapting to so much change.

We all have dealt with the intensity of the issues regarding meeting in person, masks or no masks, vaccine debates, watching people we know and love get sick and lose others to Covid. Within these experiences we have people in our congregations who have celebrated our responsive decisions to these issues and others who may not only have disagreed, but have moved on to other churches, an online format or left church all together.

This not only affects the lead pastor, but it also affects those who lead and serve the congregation. As you navigate the complexity, speed, and number of changes personally, it is easy to miss how stretched or drained our team may be in keeping up with you until it is too late. When this happens, you will see fewer church members, but you may likely lose leaders, as well. You do not want to wear everyone out; but church must continue every week. We can’t just stop.

What can you do?

Take some time and pray—Seek to know if there is something the Lord will open your eyes to see in this season and ask for His wisdom.

Assess—Consult with your leaders/staff for their honest feedback and insight. How you do this is equally important. Ask open-ended questions, take good notes and don’t be defensive. Invite an atmosphere of trust and be genuinely grateful for their input.

Evaluate—Consider the feedback carefully, especially if it differs from your perspective. As leaders, this can be challenging, yet great insight can often found outside our own experience if we allow for it.

Communicate—Keep those around you informed of your process, don’t force them to guess where you are. There have certainly been enough uncharted waters these days—you don’t want to be a mystery, too!

Maybe this is a time you would appreciate a listening ear; another perspective. Someone who could walk along this leadership path with you for a season. Someone who is not caught in the exhaustion of your current church experience but can relate to the pain and isolation you may be suffering.

It could be time to reassess how some things are done, who is doing them, how to approach the rest of this year and setting your sights for upcoming seasons. We at UCentric’s Church Solutions would like to offer our availability to help you navigate this stretch and be an encouragement for you every step of the way!

If you would like to find out more and set up a time to chat about it, click here to set up a conversation with Craig!

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