Are We Doing It Right?

It’s a question that can often pop in my head but never actually want to say out loud as a leader, especially if I am responsible. But it’s a very real and unsettling question; one I am familiar with in working with leaders and pastors of various churches. We know we are doing our best to be ethical, but are things current and still (dare we say) legal? What worked a few years ago unfortunately may not work as well today. Are we up to date with reporting to our denomination or how well did the giving records process go this past year?

There was a time in facing upcoming transition in church, we took care to make sure we defined practices, processes, and systems. Things weren’t just re-evaluated, but revised to ensure things were in order, streamlined and completed by the right people at the right time; not just locked up in one person’s head. Making small changes over time can bring improvement without upsetting all that currently is.

And yet sometimes this question quietly resurfaces. Whether it’s the payroll, church record keeping, the accuracy of monthly church reports—or even simply, how are we going to make budget this month? The urgency of the church often overtakes these questions quickly and they drift away for awhile. And as long as things seem like they are going along and nothing seems broken, we can avoid them. But the questions are still there.

Being a good leader doesn’t mean you must be doing everything and doing it perfectly. It does mean, however, you are in leadership to ensure these questions are addressed. If improvement is necessary and outside your area of strength, it’s important to find the help you need to move forward. You may just need to make some small changes to see improvement, or an overhaul with some basics steps over time may be what you need. And the question of “Are we doing it right?” loses its ability to unsettle you.

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