Can I Forget The Technology Thing?

It is a question that surfaces in many ways in conversations I have had with leaders who are so overwhelmed with what seems like endless options in the realm of technology. Churches are told they need websites, apps, social media engagement and text or email blasts to bring the church into the homes of people—and the list can easily go on to several more! And with the effect of smaller church attendance due to the experience of global pandemic, our churches can feel very disjointed. We want to be able to reconnect the church and gather people, but we don’t know where everyone is. It is difficult to know where to start or what will work. Some stress and scramble to keep up or avoid it all together and hope for the best. In either approach, insecurity can abound, yet very few are confident that church will ever be the same. So we have to navigate these waters of change.

If a leader is willing to look at options, it can be a step forward where we could grow in our use of different methods to reach others, connect people and communicate who we are as a church in the world around us. Let’s consider some aspects of the following:

Website—According to Grey Matter Research , 17 million Americans who don't regularly attend church visited a church website. Right now this is one way to communicate very simply the basics of your church community—website templates are less complicated compared to even a few years ago. Websites are not a cost-free solution, but once the website is established and the content is clear and simple, on-going maintenance is not as continual as other forms of media. Even a refreshed look to replace an old website can be new beginning to reach those who may consider coming to your church in person.

Social Media—For many churches, using a social media format such as Facebook is a fast and inexpensive way to have your presence attainable for many. It also gives you the opportunity to share up to the minute announcements, upcoming events, devotional thoughts and conversations for your followers. One limitation with using social media is only those who use social media will be in the know for this information. We must remember that different age groups gravitate to different social media platforms and some not at all, so we need to keep this in mind if we are committing time to maintain a social media platform.

Church App—A church app can be an incredible asset for a church congregation. They can go to the app to watch sermons, use a detailed calendar and give their offering all in one place! The one thing to consider with this is an app needs to be constantly updated with current events, uploaded sermons, and content very consistently. It is a great option, but not necessary for every church.

We all have days we wish we could run from technology, and yet we are reminded that so many people use it for connection and communication; it is where many people are. The goal is to find the right use of technology for your church and your leadership. It may take a small step or a larger one, but it doesn’t need to be overwhelming—there are many options!

If you would like to talk about making a plan for how your church can grow in using technology, Church Solutions from UCentric would love to meet with you about it! If you would like to find out more and set up a time to chat about it, click here to set up a conversation with Craig!

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