Do I Even Know Who I Need?

Often it is a question that remains unspoken for many of us church leaders. We know what we would like to see happen and we can’t seem to find the right person in (or even outside) our congregation to do it. Sometimes it is simply because the needs are so varied and spread out it seems impossible to find a person with “that” skill set. You sit down and try to write a role description and it just keeps building. You just need to find the person who can be a great administrator, a genuine people person, run sound and tech, understand finance, figure out the Wi-Fi, help with the youth, perform minor building repairs, plan some quality events, keep the church spending in budget, teach occasionally and play drums or guitar. Oh, and can they do it voluntarily on a very part-time basis with no benefits—and can they be young but with a lot of experience and spiritually mature?

Ok, it may sound like a far-fetched order or a church-based Marvel character, but it can feel that way sometimes. Churches today have so many expectations placed upon them and they are often forced into the mold of the past to be a force of consistency in an ever-changing world. At the same time, they are expected to be breaking new ground and cutting edge to reach our culture. This puts quite a burden on leadership that can simply be hard to fill or even define sometimes.

As leaders, it’s important to:

Pray- Step back to ask the Lord what He would have of us as the local church for our neighborhood, our city, the people God has given to us to lead and to love.

Get advice from a trusted source- It is a good ida to sit down with a trusted friend or advisor to look at what is overwhelming us. Processing with someone who knows our leadership style, the other church leaders, and the church itself can be quite helpful.

Gain insight from an outside perspective—Sometimes a person who has no specific connection to your church, but has deep ministry experience can be extremely helpful. I have gained insight quite often from having someone outside our organization see things from a fresh perspective; not having someone necessarily tell you what to do but what they see. It releases us from rehashing the same issues again with those who are directly involved; and we have the freedom to say some things we may not say in a staff or leader meeting.

Take it step by step - Finding the way forward typically can be accomplished in small progressive actions. It may simply be to focus on one thing right now; one leader, one outreach or one aspect of the ministry that needs attention.

The local church cannot be everything to everyone, and sometimes we need to be reminded what we have been called to was started by the very God who will complete His work in and through us. He will provide.

If you would ever like a someone to listen and give a fresh perspective on what you are facing, Church Solutions from UCentric could be that for you! If you would like to find out more and set up a time to chat about it, click here to set up a conversation with Craig!

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