Craig Hinca

Pastor, Business Development/Consultant

I joined UCentric Solutions, LLC in 2021 transitioning from my role as Executive Pastor of my local church after 23 years of service. This unique role gave me a rich history of balancing a variety of the administrative needs and finance while supporting leadership in a meaningful and creative environment. Working with UCentric Solutions allows me the opportunity to utilize these skills to help many more churches grow and thrive! I love brainstorming with others and creating processes that uniquely fit their situation and the specific culture. As a cloud-based organization, I am so glad we can know and fully serve our clients well regardless of their location.

One of the reasons I joined this team was my first-hand experience as a client – the quality of work, attention to relationship, integrity and customized processes. I am also excited to be heading the Church Solutions services of the business moving forward – partnering directly with pastors to relieve their specific administrative and financial pressures so they are released to lead with less burden.


Craig Hinca