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Cash Management Tool

Are you a small business owner and struggling with managing your cash flow? Do you want to have a clear and accurate picture of your income and expenses, and plan ahead confidently? If so, you could benefit from our small business cash management tool, a simple and effective solution that can help you take control of your cash flow.

Our small business cash management tool is built in Excel (and importable to Google Sheets) that allows you to track and analyze your cash flow on a daily or weekly basis. It provides a simple-to-use process that allows you to see the impact of cash in and out on your checkbooks accurately up to 3 months in the future.  

With this simple tool, you can see where potential cash pinch points may occur in advance, giving you the opportunity to take actions to delay or eliminate taking your check book into the red.  Our tool is simple and intuitive, but if you need any help or guidance, we have provided a “how-to” video that will walk you through the features and functions of our tool.

We are confident that this tool is a great first step to help you manage your cash flow better and grow your business smarter. Don’t miss this opportunity to take charge of your finances and achieve your financial goals. Try our small business cash management tool below!

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Cash Flow Management Tool provided by UCentric Solutions
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