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Bookkeeping Service

Your QuickBooks Online accounting system holds valuable data to help you understand and grow your business, so it’s important to ensure your books are updated accurately and timely. We offer several bookkeeping tiers to meet your needs and budget. 

Our bookkeeping team is experienced, well-trained and follow a specific set of workflow processes, designed by accounting professionals, to meet your bookkeeping needs. 


Relationships are important to us, so each client has one assigned bookkeeper who they regularly work with and can communicate with.  And, we have enough capacity built into our business to cover for that person when absent.  You experience the same level of care and competency no matter what!

With UCentric as your bookkeeping solution, you can rest easy knowing transactional activity is coded correctly, the balance sheet is reconciled regularly and the resulting information you receive is accurate and useful for effective decision-making. 

Every UCentric Solutions bookkeeping client also benefits from sales tax and compensating use tax reporting at no additional charge*, if applicable.  Based on your specific filing requirements, we will file these reports and schedule payments on your behalf. 

*Please note sales or use tax filings in two or more jurisdictions will result in additional cost.

Bill Pay Service

Paying bills for most small businesses can be a time-consuming, zero-value process; particularly if handled manually.  Business owners don’t have time for this, especially when time spent writing checks could be easily put to more productive, revenue-generating use.​

​We work with two best-of-breed technology bill pay solutions ( to radically reduce client time, in the bill paying process, and still provides you with the access, transparency, and approval(s) you require.  Depending on your specific budget and needs, we can recommend, set up and manage your bill pay process, so you can keep working on your business. 

Payroll Service

Getting payroll right is an absolute must.  The cost of error is significant, whether it be penalties and interest from the government on miscalculated or unpaid payroll taxes or the cost of dealing with frustrated employees.  Payroll is a lot of work, and it is easy to make mistakes, especially when you're trying to run a business.

From day one, we work with our clients to get all the data necessary to ensure accurate, timely employee and payroll tax payments as well as required governmental reporting.  We continually work closely with you to manage changes (both internally and externally) to reduce the risk of mistakes and create a positive payroll experience for you and your employees.

At UCentric Solutions, we partner with QuickBooks Online Payroll to provide an excellent payroll experience for our clients and their employees.  Intuit Workforce is available for employee self-service, such as viewing their paychecks, W-2’s and changing their withholding.  Additionally, we work with QuickBooks Time for those clients who have need of a connected timesheet solution. 


Staying within the Intuit space provides a cohesive, connected payroll experience from beginning to end.    

Accounting Service

Your accounting system holds a wealth of information, provided it is set up and transactions coded correctly.  Neglecting either of these is a recipe for confusion, poor decision-making, and potential tax issues.  Our accounting service serves an essential role in creating and maintaining an organized accounting system for our clients. 

Our experienced accounting team also works with our clients to implement financial processes, automation opportunities and reporting requirements to enhance the value of the client’s accounting experience.  This capable team is also responsible for accounting clean-ups and conversions*. 

Additionally, our accountants supervise the monthly or quarterly closing process and financial reporting for all clients.  Depending on the service tier selected, our accounting team analyze the financial reports and meet with you to review these step-by-step to help you learn how these statements work and share important observations and recommendations based on specific trends within these reports.   

You can have the confidence your books are accurate through this multi-layered, process-driven, team approach to managing your accounting from input to results

Clean-ups and Conversions - We live to help small businesses and organizations create order from chaos and provide the means to maintain and build upon a solid accounting system foundation.  No matter where you find yourself, we can help you regroup, clean up and rebuild your accounting system to be a well-tuned machine. 


For us, that means we work only with clients who are already using or are considering converting to the QuickBooks Online platform.  As strong proponents of the software, we actively certify in Intuit's ProAdvisor program and experiment with the many deep, powerful integrations being developed for QuickBooks Online.  Let us help you:

  • Determine what QuickBooks Online version would work best for you

  • Convert your QuickBooks Desktop files to QuickBooks Online

  • Import, set up and customize QuickBooks Online file

  • Correct account balances and reports

  • Customize management and financial reports

  • Find and incorporate powerful integrated applications

Advisory Services


Cashflow is the lifeblood of your business and wildly misunderstood by many. Most business owners struggle with understanding and managing their cash flow; in fact, it’s the primary reason businesses shut down early in their life cycle.  This is where our Cashflow Management services come in. 

On a regular basis, we provide you with a granular, highly accurate window into your near-term cash flow future and meet with you virtually to review the assessment, make recommendations and revisions per our discussions with you. 

Our Cash Management service is a highly valuable lifeline for any business owner struggling to make sense of their cash flow.


​Financial Statements and Analysis yield important information about the past performance of the organization yet are limited in their ability to provide useful information about future performance without incorporating non-financial data. 

Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) are metrics calculated to specifically review a combination of financial and/or non-financial data that yield valid predictive (future) behavior. Our advisory team can help you put together meaningful, useful KPI analytics to drive improved organizational performance.


If you have questions about applications to connect to QuickBooks Online, we can help. The beauty of QuickBooks Online is the easy accessibility to a host of connected applications (apps) through the QuickBooks Ecosystem.  The breadth of applications available can be overwhelming. 


As a tech-forward accounting firm of QuickBooks ProAdvisors, we can help our small business clients determine which application may best serve their needs, set up the workflow and assist with implementation with the client.  Depending on the application, we provide ongoing monthly support to ensure data integrity. 


Pricing varies depending on the application and client needs.

CFO Services

Our CFO Services include several forward-looking components Premium subscribers can choose to move their business ahead. These services are available on an a-la-carte basis or in full.  Typically, these services are project-based and priced according to the specifics of the request, aside from forecasting, which would be a monthly add-on to the Premium price.  See below for more information on each service.


Forecasting is an important tool for small businesses.  It allows you the ability to test the impact of new products or services, changes in the marketplace or the impact of divesting critical assets on the overall health of your organization, including your cash flow.  As opposed to budgets which are strictly designed for cost allocations, forecasting is designed to reflect changes in reality; think Covid-19. 

Our Forecasting services are designed to provide high-level, flexible input for comparisons to actual results, so you can determine progress and make any necessary changes looking ahead. 


Managing an effective compensation plan is challenging.  Many small businesses find themselves stuck in a traditional pay structure based on annual pay increases or years of service that have little foundation in employee performance or contribution to business goals. 

Our Performance Management services are designed to learn and understand your specific values and goals and work with you to customize a performance management compensation plan to align with them.   From ideation to execution, we work directly with you to achieve the desired results.


Most small business owners struggle with the ever-morphing responsibilities and interpersonal dynamics in an expanding business.  It’s difficult to know how to delegate effectively or communicate consistently, much less build a leadership structure to free you from the day-to-day.  It can be overwhelming! Our Coaching service is designed to help you develop the skills and confidence necessary to resolve these issues and address others as they develop, holding yourself and others accountable. 


Owning a business is challenging and you’re usually on your own. Most business owners have some idea of what they want to accomplish, but understanding how to accomplish it is something else entirely. Wouldn’t it be nice to partner with someone to create a plan for your business that includes specific steps and timelines?  We can fill that role for you.  Please note this service requires Forecasting as a prerequisite, as forecasting is an important tool in monitoring progress in the Strategic Planning process.

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