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Career Opportunities

These Principles Drive Our Every Action!


There is NO other virtual firm just like us.  We are different. We have specific backgrounds, motivations, skills and values we bring to help our clients. We apply our uniqueness to drive home to our clients, “You are not alone; we are your virtual back office”.


We believe in connecting with our clients and our team members is critical to our success.  We also believe in the importance of data connection; making technology work for us to achieve greater results for our clients.


We believe in the importance of ongoing education for our team, as well as for our clients.  We are committed to providing the best development options for our team members and to provide the best tools and content to aid our clients to better operations.


We believe each team member is a navigator and are particularly tasked to help our clients navigate their specific accounting needs, whether it be onboarding, day-to-day operations, application training or reporting.  We use our experience and  resources to guide our clients to a better place.


We believe we have the opportunity and responsibility to transform the businesses with whom we work. We have the privilege to help our clients create order, structure and modern accounting processes into their businesses, which creates space and peace into their lives.


At our core, we embrace the importance of building strong, healthy relationships within our team and our client base.  We treat everyone with great respect, care and empathy, because every person is important.


We choose honesty with ourselves, our team and our clients.  We keep our promises.  And, if we can’t do that or make a mistake; we admit our failure and ask for help.  We respectfully, directly challenge unethical behavior within our team and with our clients.  As humans, we’re not infallible; so how we deal with these hard situations is the truest test of our character.


We believe collaboration is necessary to discover opportunities and develop context for improvements to client and internal projects.  It’s also where our team members expand the breadth of our personal means and abilities to communicate and implement those improvements for the client. 

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